WhatSay.com mission statement

Real Discussion for Real People and a public platform to say What's On Your Mind!
WhatSay.com is a public discussion forum based on proprietary software and technology that  provides people with something to say the means to express themselves.  Our slogan Real Discussion For Real People portends the type of serious discussion users should expect.

Whatsay.com is a place where members can post read and contribute to conversations about  news, events, and a variety of subjects that are important to them. 

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Our business model is in stark contrast to other social media apps.

At WhatSay.com our focus is more on news and events and less on self promotion and personal activities.

Our  home page slogan "What's on your mind" provides the invite for users to speak out. User generated posts are catalysts for rich informational Topic specific message threads to benefit the author, readers and contributors to the topic.

In adition the specific nature of each topic thread provides advertisers a unique high quality attentive and interested market for their topic related products and services.
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